Bean Hole Days are Here Again

The recipe has been secret and the festival legendary for 80 years! Bean Hole Days are a Pequot Lakes and Whitefish Chain tradition for people of all ages. If you've never "bean" to Bean Hole Days, the celebration involves baking beans in huge kettles overnight, then serving them hot to the community at large, for FREE, the next day.

It all starts on Tuesday night, July 10, when the beans are buried in Trailside Park. A community picnic will take place from 5-8 p.m. Wander through the park and stop by booths of local non-profits and organizations. There will also be games for kids, a trampoline bungee and more.

At 5:30 p.m. the beans will be ceremoniously lowered into their holes, covered with hot coals from a fire and left to bake overnight. Each huge kettle has a name: Thor, Big Bertha, Ole, Sven, Lena and Baby Olga all make a once a year appearance for Bean Hole Days.

Also on Tuesday night, awards will be announced for Community Action of Pequot Lakes' Volunteer of the Year, the Pequot Lakes Chamber Business of the Year, and the Pine and Lakes Echo Journal Citizen of the Year. From 6-8 p.m., enjoy free root beer!

Wednesday, July 10 is the main event, when the huge bean pots will be unearthed mid-morning. The fun starts at 9 a.m., when crafters will begin selling their wares and live music starts. Those events will continue until 4 p.m.

At 11:15 a.m., coronation of King and Queen Bean takes place! Prince and Princess Jellybean will also be named. These royal guests are honored with the responsibility of tasting and stirring the beans before they're served up.

At noon the bean serving begins! Everyone can have a free meal of beans, a dinner roll and a beverage. The line can get long, but you can bypass the crowds if you purchase a commemorative mug for $10 that gives you the "fast pass for gas" - the short line to baked beans.

In addition to the beans, there will also be food vendors selling a variety of food.

If you're excited to join the Bean Hole Day fun, there's one event that's already begun! The beans are stirred with huge paddles, and one paddle has been hidden somewhere in the city. The first clue to help you find the hidden paddle has already been posted. Find the paddle to win a collection of great prizes. One hint will be released each morning on Monday (today), Tuesday and Wednesday. Here's the first clue:

Bean Hole Days are near

It comes but once a year

On the banks of Sibley Lake

We’ve gathered rocks to help our beans bake.

Check the Pequot Lakes Chamber Website for all the clues as they're released as well as a complete listing of all the Bean Hole Days events. Bean Hole Days is a truly fun and one-of-a-kind event. Your whole family will have a blast!

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