Choose the Whitefish Chain This Summer

A family vacation is a break from the hectic pace of our everyday lives, a chance for every member of the family can slow down, leave school or work behind, and simply enjoy themselves. That's why picking the perfect family vacation destination is so important- it can make or break a trip. We've broken it down, and the perfect family destination is one that has something for everyone- dad, mom, grandparents, kids and beyond. The guys want to go fishing, the gals want to go shopping, and everyone wants to spend a day boating around on the water and enjoying a tasty meal as a family. Where can you go to find something for everyone? The perfect family vacation destination is Minnesota's Whitefish Chain.


Time spent in nature can be the best recipe for forgetting our everyday lives and connecting with the world around us, and it's a key element to the perfect vacation destination. On the Whitefish Chain of central Minnesota, you'll find endless opportunity for outdoor recreation.

The centerpiece of the area's recreation is the 14 lakes that make up the Whitefish Chain, which offer beautiful scenery for great on-the-water activities. Bring your boat or rent a boat for a day of fishing, tubing, wakesurfing, waterskiing and more. Or, explore the quiet, tranquil corners of the chain without a motor in a kayak or on a stand-up paddle board. Swim in the clear water or lounge on the sand.

While the lakes are the centerpiece of recreation, they're only the beginning. The Whitefish Chain Area offers great biking routes as well as awesome hiking areas that are perfect for birding and exploring.

Maybe you have a family of golfers? The Whitefish Chain Area has no less than four golf courses within a short drive, not to mention a few standout minigolf courses that are fun for the entire family.

Shopping and pampering

Maybe your idea of a day off is a day of treating yourself! If so, the Whitefish Chain has everything you need. The quaint towns around the chain are packed with fun, unique shopping with great finds for you, your home and your family. Spend the day shopping around galleries, gift shops, specialty stores and more. Take home not just souvenirs, but one-of-a-kind treasures.

You'll have your pick of multiple salons and spas on the Whitefish Chain, where you can get a facial, a mani-pedi, or a new hairstyle.

Events and Attractions

When you pick a vacation destination, you want to pick a place with endless options for what to do. Unique events are another feather in the Whitefish Chain's cap that add to your choices of how to spend your time. Nearly every weekend throughout the summer- as well as many weekends in the spring, fall and winter- are host to events that get everyone out on the town and enjoying the area. From Summerfest in Pine River, to the Chokecherry Festival in Pequot Lakes, to Crosslake Days in Crosslake, there's a festival for everyone and for every occasion.

On top of festivals, area attractions make the area even more fun. Dive into history at the Crosslake Historic Log Village or the Pine River Train Depot. See the passion of local train modelers at the Northern Trackers Railroad Club, where the area's steam-powered, railed past is highlighted. Adventure into the woods with a professional birder to see rare and beautiful feathered friends. It's all possible on the Whitefish Chain.

Fantastic eating

Everyone, whether on vacation or not, has to eat. And what better way for the whole family to come together than around the table? After a day of fun head to a local restaurant for a fun, refreshing family dinner. Among many dining choices are several boat-in restaurants. Find your favorite spot among the locals and enjoy delicious food. Catch a DJ or musician or watch the big game.

What's the key to picking the perfect vacation destination? Options. And on the Whitefish Chain, you've got endless options- whether it's getting out on the town or getting out on the water; hitting the links or hitting the trails. For the perfect family getaway, make your way to the Whitefish Chain.

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