Disc Golf Courses Abound Around Whitefish Chain

The Breezy Point disc golf course, pictured in November. Disc golf can be a great way to get outside spring , summer and fall. Photo by Kate Perkins

The Breezy Point disc golf course, pictured in November. Disc golf can be a great way to get outside spring , summer and fall. Photo by Kate Perkins

Get outside, take to the tee and chuck that disc! Easy to learn, fun at all ages and open to even the specially able and disabled, disc golf is a great way to have fun with family and friends. It's also a great outdoor social distancing activity. With three disc golf courses surrounding the Whitefish Chain of Lakes, you’ve got options for spending a few hours out on the course.

Disc golf is similar to golf in its scoring. Each throw is a point, and players try to get their disc (or Frisbee) from the tee and into a metal basket in the fewest throws possible. Disc golf Frisbees are different from yard Frisbees in that they are smaller in diameter, tend to weigh more and have less of a “lip” around the edges. If you’ve never tried disc golf, it’s both exciting and leisurely; simple and challenging.

Try each of the area’s three disc golf courses:

Breezy Point: The area’s newest disc golf course is in the woods at Breezy Point. The course is also different from other area courses because of how hilly it is; the course meanders through the woods up and down steep hills, which add a nice challenge for disc golfers and provide more of a workout walking the course. The course is heavily wooded.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), the course has nine holes, seven of which are less than 300 feet long, and two of which are between 300-400 feet. Disc Golf Course Review gives the course a par rating of 35, making it one of the higher-par courses in the area.

Find the Breezy Point disc golf course at 31559 Green Scene Drive, or follow signs from County Road 11 about a mile or two north of the Breezy Point gates/stop sign.

Pine River: Pine River’s disc golf course is located at the local school, so it’s off-limits to the public during school hours. That said, the public is welcomed and encouraged to use the course after school hours, in the summer, on holidays or on the weekends. The course winds through the school forest and is relatively flat and partially wooded. One hole goes around a small pond that has claimed many a disc.

The PDGA says that all nine of the Pine River course’s holes are less than 300 feet, and Disc Golf Course Review says par for the course is 27 throws.

Find the Pine River disc golf course at the school, located on Murray Avenue (turn east on County Road 42/Main St. from Highway 371. The school will be on the right; the course is on the north side of the school grounds).

Crosslake: Crosslake’s disc golf course is at the Crosslake Community Center. During community center hours, discs can be rented for use on the course for a small fee.

The Crosslake course makes partial use of what are, in the winter, cross country ski trails. It winds through the woods, but also has one or two holes that cross wide open fields.

The PDGA says that the Crosslake course has seven holes that are less than 300 feet, and two that are between 300-400 feet. Disc Golf Course Review says 27 throws are par for the course.

Find the Crosslake disc golf course at 14126 Dagget Pine Road in Crosslake. Park in the community center parking lot and find the tee for the first hole behind the building on the northwest side, near the ballpark. More information on the course is available inside the community center at the front office.

Consider bringing bug spray and sunscreen on your disc golf outing, as all three of the area’s courses are near small lakes or swamps. Walk the course, bask in the sunshine, and enjoy some friendly competition among friends and family at any of the area disc golf courses.

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