Fly over the trees at Brainerd Zip Line Tour

A zip liner comes across the line at Brainerd Zip Line Tours, located on Mount Ski Gull. Photo by Kate Perkins

A great way to spend the day seeing the area from a new perspective is by visiting Brainerd Zip Line Tours at Mount Ski Gull. The incredible tour lets you fly over the trees on zip lines all the way down Mount Ski Gull. In the fall, the changing leaves make the adventure that much more beautiful.

Brainerd Zip Line Tours boasts 15 mile views, seven zip lines, an "Indiana Jones-style" suspension bridge and a 50-foot free fall experience. The whole experience lasts about 2.5 hours and is exciting and exhilarating.

The experience starts with each zip liner getting equipped with a harness, helmet and leather glove, which is used for braking if necessary. Then, a van ride takes riders to the top of Mount Ski Gull, where zip liners  receive a low-to-the-ground introduction explaining simply how to zip line, how to brake and how to pull yourself across the line, should you come up short from the platform at the other end. The session ensures that zip liners are comfortable with their gear and how to use it.

Then zip liners climb to the top of the first tower, where the view goes on for miles. The Highway 371 corridor and the Gull chain of lakes are within view, plus a view as far to the north as Pequot Lakes. After that, there are seven zip lines that carry riders down the mountain. Along the way, there's also a rickety-feeling bridge to walk across. At the end is a fifty-foot free fall experience that slows down the person falling at the last moment, for a soft, safe landing.

The owner of Brainerd Zip Line Tours, Lee Kerfoot, said that this tour is a great opportunity for families to spend time together adventuring in the outdoors and gaining confidence. The highest zip line is about 75 feet in the air, and the longest zip line is 950 feet! The speed of the zip lines has not been measured, but believe us- they feel fast!

Prices range from $79-$89 per person and reservations can be made online or by phone at 952-873-3900. Riders need to be at least 10 years old and between 70 and 250 pounds. Helmet GoPro cameras are available for rent to capture the whole experience.

Brainerd Zip Line Tours' website shows that the tours will be open through October, with requests to call for more information thereafter. Once the ski season begins, the zip line tour is closed for the winter so the hill can be used for skiing.

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