Generation After Generation Enjoys the Whitefish Chain


A testament to the appeal of the Whitefish Chain and quality of its accommodations is the fact that families have been coming to the area for generations- and continue to pass the tradition on to their children. It's practically a given on the Chain that no matter which resort you ask, they've had guests who return year after year, for decades and spanning generations.

Lynn Scharenbroich owns Black Pine Beach Resort and, like many resorts on the Whitefish Chain, said that she frequently has cabins that are occupied by longtime visitors. Having owned the resort for 41 years, Lynn's watched as parents with children begin to bring their grown children and grandchildren to her resort, often staying in the same cabin every year.

For example, she has guests who have come for decades from Iowa and always stay in Cabins 4, 1 and 2. The Anderson family always brought their children and stayed in Cabin 4. Mrs. Anderson's sister also began coming and staying in Cabin 2. The mother's sister is now 90, and no longer able to make it, but her children and grandchildren are still coming to the resort and stay in Cabin 1. The entire extended family has made the yearly vacation, and they stay in the same cabins every year. The family has been coming since the resort was first built in 1939- nearly 80 years.

Like many resorters, Lynn and her husband Bob have formed relationships with their customers, especially those who come year after year. They share Christmas cards as well as graduation and birth announcements.

"All the other resorters ... would tell you the same thing," Lynn said.  "All the stuff guests would send to close family relatives, we get included in that.... That's a treasure in life." Like many resorts on the Whitefish Chain, she's watched as the families who come to stay grow and change.

Families, meanwhile, form lifelong memories that are encouraged and supported by the resorters on the chain, who create spaces like scenic beaches and cozy cabins where families relax and bond. Guests form a connection with the place that grows with time and changes right along with the resort.

While Lynn and Bob have owned Black Pine Beach Resort for 41 years, other resorts on the chain are owned by generations of the same family. Boyd Lodge, Bay View Lodge and Heath's Resort- just to name a few- have all been owned by generations of the same family.

No matter where you choose to stay on the Whitefish Chain, you'll find welcoming people, a warm community and beautiful scenery. Start your own longstanding, multi-generational tradition.

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