Mini Golf is Mega Fun!

Pictured is one of the many fun holes at Wildwedge Mini Golf in Jenkins.

Putting around on the small greens of mini golf is a popular activity that, while known for being small, is big fun for the entire family. Around the Whitefish Chain of Lakes in beautiful Minnesota there are several wonderful mini golf areas.

Crosswoods Golf Course is home to not one but TWO  mini golf courses! Whistling Wolf and Dark Moon both offer exciting entertainment. Whistling Wolf is an 18-hole mini golf course, while Dark Moon is a nine-hole course- but it's much more than that. Each of the nine holes in Dark Moon has three pins, so it can be played three different ways. In that sense, there are 27 holes on the Dark Moon course. Combined with the 18-hole Whistling Wolf course, there are 45 mini golf holes at Crosswoods, making it one of the largest mini-golf courses in Minnesota and perhaps the country! Find more information on the two mini-golf courses here.

While you're there, you can also visit the Crosslake Clothing Company and the Candy Den. The Crosslake Clothing Company has all kinds of Crosslake and Whitefish Chain souvenirs, while the Candy Den has delicious treats, including nostalgic sweets, saltwater taffy and Jelly Belly jelly beans!

The owners of Wildwedge Mini Golf in Jenkins, on the southwest side of the Whitefish Chain, traveled the country to try out different mini golf courses and incorporate all the best elements into their course. There are water features, tunnels for the ball to pass through and much, much more. The 18 holes are all unique and earned the course the title of Best Mini Golf in Minnesota by both Minnesota Monthly Magazine and WCCO.

After you play mini-golf, you can try your hand at the mystery maze! The whole family can enjoy making their way through the maze, or some of the family can watch from above on a viewing platform over the maze. The maze was made from local lumber that was repurposed after a storm took down several large trees on the owner's grandmother's property. The maze is more than 10,000 square feet.

Drive a little ways south of the Whitefish Chain to Brainerd and visit Pirate's Cove on Highway 371, a pirate-themed mini golf course. You'll see a pirate's ship over blue water, a skull-shaped cave, waterfalls and even pirate dungeons. Play the Captain's Course, Blackbeard's Challenge or the entire 36-hole adventure. You may have noticed the cascading blue waterfall visible from Highway 371 as you make your way north to the Whitefish Chain.

While you're there, you can also visit the Billy Bones Raceway, a collection of three go-kart tracks that are each suitable for different groups. There's the Zoom Lagoon, an 820-foot family track; Wicked Willie's, an aggressive track with tight corners and hairpin turns; and the Parrot Bay Speedway, a kiddy track for ages 5 and up that's specially designed for younger children.

Each of these fun courses offers something a little different. We recommend gathering the family and visiting each one!

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