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Outlook is great for walleye opener on the Whitefish Chain

[caption id="attachment_4801" align="alignnone" width="600"] John Blong, of Brainerd Guide Service, is pictured last year with his catch from the Whitefish Chain. Photo courtesy of John Blong,[/caption] A true Whitefish Chain holiday approaches: Fishing Opener. On May 14 the walleye season opens, and the outlook for fishing is good. Marc Bacigalupi is the area supervisor…
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See the fish at the DNR spring fish trap

Every spring, the DNR sets up a fish trap on the northwest side of the Whitefish Chain so they can collect the eggs and sperm of spawning walleye. But the event isn’t just good for the DNR or the anglers who will benefit from stocked lakes- it’s also great opportunity for members of the public…
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