Five of the Whitefish Area’s Best Burgers

Burgers may be ubiquitous across the United States, but in the Whitefish Chain Area we really love our burgers- so much so that our restaurants have come up with some fantastic offerings. This week we're celebrating five of the area's best- and most unique- burgers.

The three big pigs burger at the Bourbon Room in Crosslake is topped with ham, bacon, pork belly, fried onions, tomato, lettuce and cheese sauce, all served on a pretzel bun. We tried it; it's as awesome as it sounds. Photo by Kate Perkins

If you're looking for unique, the Bourbon Room in Crosslake has an entire section of their menu devoted to burgers, called the "Gourmet Burger Barn." It was hard to pick just one burger to feature, so we're not going to. Their mac-n-cheese burger is a hand-pattied burger topped with (you guessed it) homemade mac-n-cheese, tomato, bacon crumbles, green onion and pickles (12.50, includes chips. Fries for $1 extra). But among all their burgers, we'd like to talk about the three big pigs burger. The hand-pattied burger is topped with arcadian lettuce, Boar's Head ham, apple wood smoked bacon, pork belly, cheese sauce, tomato, and beer braised onions- all served on a pretzel bun ($15 and comes with chips, fries are $1 extra). The pretzel bun is fantastic with the cheese sauce and the many meaty toppings.

Mission Tavern, a relatively new restaurant just south of Crosslake on County Road 3 in Merrifield, offers many different burgers- but perhaps the most unique is the El Jefe. The 1/3 pound burger is topped with American cheese, peanut butter, a fried egg, lettuce and tomato- with a side of mayo. It's $12 and comes with fresh-cut fries. The unique combination make for a hearty, filling burger, and the peanut butter taste really comes through. Find Mission Tavern's location on Google Maps. Their menu- and other information- is on Facebook.

Of course, if we're talking burgers, we have to mention the Whimpie Club at the Old Milwaukee Club in Ideal Corners. The Old Mil has been offering Whimpies for years. For $20, you can get all you can eat whimpie burgers PLUS  a Whimpie Club t-shirt. Club participants start with six burgers. Currently the Whimpie King (according to the Facebook group) is Charlie, who ate 22 Whimpies. Impressive! While you're there, ask about local folklore of gangsters and ghosts. Is it true? Who knows, but the stories sure are fun!

A couple area restaurants offer a cream cheese and olive burger, which might be a new one to area visitors. The unique burger combination is available at Billy's in Breezy Point in a 1/3 pound or 1/2 pound burger (for $9.95 or $11.95, respectively) and includes French fries. Or, try the burger at Lucky's in Pequot Lakes, where it's called the C.C.O. burger. At Lucky's you'll get a 1/2 pound burger for $9.95 served with French fries or tater tots.

Finally, we want to mention the A-Pine just off Hwy. 371 between Pequot Lakes and Jenkins, a restaurant that's a repeat favorite for generations of visitors to the Whitefish Chain Area. Among the many burgers offered at the A-Pine is the Paul Bunyan, a burger topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, melted Swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and 1,000 island dressing. It's $10.95 and comes with French fries, seasoned potato wedges or cole slaw. After you eat your Paul Bunyan burger, go out front to get a selfie with the giant Paul Bunyan statue! Paul's waving at the passers by on Hwy. 371.

If you're hungry for a burger, we've got you covered. Whether you want something totally unique or a classic plain-Jane, any of these restaurants will hit the spot.

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