Open, Caring and Welcoming

Like nearly everywhere else on the globe, the Whitefish Chain of Lakes has been affected by the Coronavirus. And, like everyone else, we're both eager to get back to life as normal and concerned for the health and well being of our residents and visitors.

As we begin to reopen our local economy, nothing about our welcoming nature changes- we are always happy to see new and returning folks in the area and to share the natural beauty with others. We are continuing to follow the governor's orders and the recommendations of health officials, including social distancing.

As the summer continues to heat up, we encourage you to contact our lodging partners to make reservations and summer plans! Though pools are closed, beaches are still open- and if you've ever been to the Whitefish Chain, you know it has some fantastic natural beaches along the lakeshore, many of which are lovingly cared for by our resorts and lodging communities. You can still soak up the sun and wade in the water.

And don't worry- golf is open! It was one of the first organized activities to reopen. With five golf courses surrounding the Whitefish Chain, we've got no shortage of links.

Many Whitefish Chain restaurants continue to do take out meals or- like Moonlite Bay- dockside service! Sit-d0wn dining resumed June 1 with reservations and parties limited to 4 or 6 people. As sit-down dining resumes, remember to be patient with your servers. We're all adjusting to the new regulations. The great news is that you can still enjoy all of your favorites at local restaurants. Everyone in the hospitality community is working hard to make your life easier and your visit fun and carefree.

One local campaign recently launched to promote working together to fight the virus. It's called Lake Country Cares, and it's promoted by the Brainerd Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, of which many Whitefish Chain communities and businesses are members.

The campaign asks that you remember to wear masks when you're out and about in town, and always stay "two ax handles apart" from other people (that's six feet!). Wash your hands with soapy water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer frequently. If we all follow these guidelines, we can all feel more secure in our safety during what can feel like uncertain times.

Lake Country Cares also has resources on what's open and the latest guidelines from the state in easy-to-understand formats.

Local businesses are, by and large, open and ready to welcome you to the area!  Though this summer may look a little different from summers past, it's still going to be a fantastic season.

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