Beach Time is the Best!

Beach days are endless fun!

There's a reason why the phrase "a day at the beach" is such a happy one! Beach days at their best are carefree, sunny, warm and- most of all- fun. With 16 lakes, the Whitefish Chain has tons of beautiful beaches and waterfronts. We've got a few ideas to help you make the very best of your beach days. Summer's not over yet!

Build a Sandcastle

Chances are your resort or lodgings already have toys to help you play in the sand! If not, head over to any local general store or dollar store. Fill buckets and turn them over to build up your castles, dig moats around the outside and fill them with water from the lake! See who can build the highest castle or who can fill the bucket to make the most towers. You can also use the things you find on the beach to decorate your sand castle- feathers, snail shells, leaves and sticks.

Collect and Observe Wildlife

There's another whole world beneath the surface of the water of the Whitefish Chain and on its shorelines, and you can see it as you wade through the water. Exploring the life on the beach can be a blast. Have you ever seen a dragonfly molting from its water form to its adult, winged land form? Dragonflies spend much of their life in the water. Check the tall reeds, dock legs and other features that protrude from the water for the exoskeletons of dragonflies. Use a plastic cup to see who can catch the most minnows from the shallows- you'll find they're actually quite fast! Crayfish, too, are fun to catch- but watch out for those pincers! Once trick for catching crayfish is to dangle a shoestring in front of them. Once they clamp on to the string, pull it up and quickly lower the crayfish- still clamped onto the string- into a bucket. You'll be able to get a closer look at the little guys while they hang out in the bucket, then you can release them later. Of course it's also fun to collect feathers from water birds, shells and more.

Paddle Around

Paddling around the shallows of the Whitefish Chain is a great way to relax and see the scenery. Many of the Whitefish Chain's available lodgings include kayak and stand up paddle board use for their guests, either free or at a small fee. If not, there are plenty of opportunities around town. Rent kayaks from Wind, Water and Wheels in Crosslake, or try stand-up paddle boards or peddle kayaks from 46 Degrees North Adventure Company in Nisswa. You'll find that without a motor the chain is a very peaceful place with much to see in the way of nature- not only is it a quieter way to travel but you'll also be able to visit shallow places that boats cannot go!

Play Water Games

A frisbee, football or volley ball all take on a new challenge and new sense of fun in the water! Catch, keep-away and more are endless fun in knee- or waist-deep water.


Perhaps the best part of a getaway is to do nothing. Lay on the beach with a book or magazine, or simply watch the clouds float across the bluebird sky. Gaze at the loons that paddle around the lake and sing their eerie tunes, and watch fish rise in the evening to eat bugs.

These are just a few ideas for how you can enjoy the beach! There are endless ways to have fun when you're around the Whitefish Chain, especially on the water!

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