Brainerd Daytrip: BIR Wet & Wild Weekend

This weekend is the fall Wet & Wild weekend at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR). Check out the trailer above (from a past year) to get an idea of what it's all about! Sept. 21 and 22 will both include racing, and tickets are just $10 per day.

All the locals in the Whitefish Chain Area here in Minnesota will tell you that it's worth it to visit BIR, whether you consider yourself a "car person" or not. The Wet & Wild weekend is one of the only opportunities to see snowmobile watercross at BIR. There's a pond at the center of BIR's track, and for the Wet & Wild Weekend the pond is turned into a race course for snowmobiles. Did you think they were only for the snow? Think again.

Snowmobiles will race across the open water in eight different classes. Races will include drag racing, from one end of the pond to the other; and oval racing, where racers make loops around the pond.

The weekend isn't just about watercross, though. There will also be superbike racing from the CRA (Central Roadracing Association). That event will take place on a 2.5 mile course involving 13 tight turns. See the racers on two wheels and one knee as they compete for first place. The weekend will also be the fourth of eight in the bracket drag racing weekend series.

For just $10 a ticket, enjoy the watercross, superbike racing and drag racing! It's going to be a fun weekend at BIR. Tickets are available online.

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