Great Bakeries of the Whitefish Chain

Some of the French macarons made by Sweet Life Bakery, available at Latte Da in Pequot Lakes. Photo courtesy of Sweet Life Bakery

In the mood for a donut, fresh out of the fryer? Or perhaps a French macaron, those ever-popular, hard-to-find delicate cookies. Or, maybe what you could really go for is a giant scone, loaded with fruit. Thanks to the creative and talented bakers around the Whitefish Chain of Minnesota, you can enjoy any of these and more. Here's a few of our favorite area bakeries.

Sweet Life

Probably the newest of the area's bakeries, Sweet Life opened just a couple years ago and is primarily known for their beautiful wedding cakes and catering desserts. However, you can find their amazing treats at Latte Da in downtown Pequot Lakes as well as at Prairie Bay in Baxter. We especially love Sweet Life's French macarons. While these treats cost a little bit more by nature (they are labor intensive to make), their unique flavor and texture make them a fantastic indulgence. They're made from an almond flour and meringue shell and filled with all sorts of things- lemon curd, buttercream icing, berry preserves and more. Sweet Life varies their flavors seasonally. You'll also find that Sweet Life makes delicious cupcakes and other desserts. Everything is home-made, no pre-purchased mixes or frostings used here.

Pine River Bakery

Voted the Sweetest Bakery in Minnesota in 2017, the Pine River Bakery makes delicious fresh donuts every day, and they also have delicious fresh-baked bread, lovingly decorated cookies and tasty seasonal desserts. One of the many things they're known for is their glazed croissants, which are a delicious combination of donut and croissant covered in a sweet glaze. They are at once soft, crispy and sweet. When you walk in the door of Pine River Bakery, you'll be impressed by their big cases full of delicious baked goods and the shelves of buns, bread and more.

Currently the Pine River Bakery is offering Tuesday $0.25 deals. Spend $5 and you'll have the chance to pick up extra fresh-baked goods for just $0.25. The item on offer changes weekly. It's a serious steal!

Stonehouse Coffee

Though they're officially a coffee shop, Stonehouse in Nisswa gets an honorable mention because they make such exquisite scones. They're huge and loaded with fillings, and the flavor combinations are to die for. We especially love the blueberry lemon scones, which are stuffed with blueberries and drizzled in lemon icing; the mixed berry white chocolate scones, which are as delicious as they sound; and the unique maple bacon scones, which are filled with bacon and topped with a sweet maple glaze. They are perfect with a cup of coffee. (Another tip: if they have any cardamom cookies in the case, grab one! You'll thank us.)

Whichever of these places you visit, you'll be very glad you did. These treats are both delicious and a reflection of our neck of the woods- made with love.


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