Hot Days Call For Ice Cream


When it's a hot summer day, nothing tastes better than cold, sweet ice cream. Have your fill at any of these Whitefish Chain favorites and cool off during these dog days of summer.

Lake Country Crafts and Cones is also a popular place for an afternoon ice cream cone, serving more Kemp's ice cream annually than anywhere else in the state. The ice cream is in the front of the store, while the rest of the store is filled with crafts made by local vendors and other great finds. Crafts and Cones also has sandwiches, coffee and lattes, and morning scones.

Crafts and Cones is located on County Road 66 in Crosslake, just north of the campground on the east side of the road.

Another popular spot for ice cream is the Chocolate Ox in Nisswa. The store is located on the main road in Nisswa, and you'll want to head to a counter in the back for ice cream. Along the way you'll be tempted by just about every kind of candy you can imagine. From taffy to retro treats to gourmet truffles, there's something there you'll like even if you never make it to the ice cream.

In Pequot Lakes is Sweet P's Treats, which is an ice cream and candy store combo. It's located on Main St. in Pequot just west from the Hwy. 371 exit. Reviews say that the ice cream selection is great and kids love checking out the candy.

Jitterz, in Crosslake, is an ice cream, candy and coffee hybrid store. Stop in for your morning coffee or an afternoon ice cream cool-down. Jitterz is located in Town Square in the former Crosslake Chocolate Ox.

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Dairy Queen, which has such delicious soft serve that you can get it at several towns around the Whitefish Chain. It's a summertime standby for a reason! Check out any of these Dairy Queens:
- In Pine River: right on Highway 371, south of the stoplights on the east side of the road.
- In Pequot Lakes: on Patriot Avenue (the former Highway 371), south of the stoplights on the west side.
- In Crosslake: on County Road 66 (the main drag) on the east side.
- In Nisswa: on Smiley Road. (Open summer only.)

On the Whitefish Chain, you'll find that sweet treats are everywhere!

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