Try flyboarding on the Whitefish Chain

Skyhigh Flyboards provides rentals of flyboards, water-powered jetpacks that propel riders into the air. Photo courtesy of Skyhigh.

Want to feel like Iron Man? Feeling the need to channel your inner mermaid or dolphin? Maybe you've envied those people you've seen out soaring around on jets of water? It's your turn! Thanks to Skyhigh Flyboards, you can give it a try yourself. The company offers individual and group rentals so that you can give the new water sport a try yourself.

"My favorite part is hovering at 50-60 feet high," said Skyhigh Flyboards owner Caleb Gavic. "When I'm hovering on Cross Lake I can see all thew way to Rush Lake."

Gavic said that flyboarding is much easier than it looks, and most people are up and soaring within five minutes, having already gotten the hang of it (especially if you already enjoy other water sports). Gavic said he's even had kids landing flips after just 40 minutes of flyboarding.

According to the Skyhigh website, anyone ages 12-70 can give flyboarding a try. Flyboarders strap their feet into a board, beneath which are extremely efficient jet packs. The jet packs are powered by the jet ski the flyboard is tethered to, and high pressure water propels the board into the air.

The trainer on the jet ski controls the pressure of the water using the throttle on the jet ski, though adapter units are available to allow the flyboarder himself (or herself) to be in control of the throttle. Personal control allows riders to perform tricks.

Those who rent from Skyhigh will be equipped with a headset in their helmet for real-time instruction from professional and experienced instructors.

Renting a flyboard starts at $150 for 30 minutes, with the timer starting when the rider starts their flight.  Skyhigh also offers rentals for large groups, such as family reunions or friendly gatherings. Parties can rent several machines at once and take turns on the board. Call Skyhigh at 763-220-1014 for group pricing.

Skyhigh also sells flyboard units, including bundles and individual elements. Visit the Skyhigh website for more information.

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