Antique Shopping In the Whitefish Area

When people go on vacation, it’s usually to get away from “the norm.” You know– seeing the same old people and places, all the time, right? So, on vacation, you’re away from home and you’re ready for something interesting– an adventure. One of the fun things to do while on vacation in the Whitefish Area,  is to visit antique shops. You never know what you mind find there.

Antique shops tell storeis of what life was like years ago, it's like stepping back in time. Some people call it Treasure Hunting. You never know what you might find, and that is the thrill of the hunt.

Here is a listing of shops located near the many lodging properties in the Whitefish Area:

Blissful Antiques and Gifts
36378 County Road 66 Crosslake

Crosslake Auction House & Trading Post
34103 County Road 3, Crosslake

People's Store and Tulip Shop
6378 County Road 66, Crosslake

Annies Attic
34010 2nd Ave, Jenkins

Main Street Antiques
2 stores on 371, Jenkins

Pequot Lakes
Treasures N Tiques
34016 State Hwy 371, Pequot Lakes

Beautiful Antiques
30960 Government Drive, Pequot Lakes

4242 Jokela Drive, Pequot Lakes

The Flour Sack Antiques Shop
29119 Highway 371, Pequot Lakes

Keepsakes Gifts Antiques & Interiors
Downtown Pequot Lakes

Mercantile Cooperative
30924 Government Drive, Pequot Lakes

Pine River
Backus Trading Post
2006 Fred Acres Drive SW, Pine River

Sharon Ann's Antiques & Artisans
221 Barclay Avenue, Pine River

Vaughn Bob & Shirley
223 Evelyn Avenue West, Pine River

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