Grab A Map And Try One Of These Area Fishing Spots

1) There’s a couple of mid-lake humps on Cross that will hold walleyes in the early morning and evening/late night hours. They are fairly small, top off around 10 feet or so, and are just a little north of the island.
2) Foley’s bar on Whitefish. It runs across the whole lake between lower and middle Whitefish. Also a decent walleye spot.
3) Misc. humps, rock piles, and bars on upper Whitefish. Thes areas will probably produce more than the two mentioned above.
Starting about this time o’ year redtails usually are the bait of choice.
Trout Lake is deep and clear and does have lake trout. I’ve never caught one out of there although I’ve only really tried once. It does hold some really nice northern and smallmouth though. Read more here:

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