Fishing Trip – Freezing Your Catch

Photo courtesy of Bay View Resort

Freezing Your Catch While On Vacation
If you don’t plan to eat your fish in a day or two, you’ll want to freeze it. Most freezing methods work best if you quick freeze the fish first – place uncovered fish on a sheet of aluminum foil in the freezer to freeze it as quickly as possible. The best method for keeping fish in the freezer is to vacuum seal it, which protects the fish from freezer burn. Quick freeze the fish, then seal it in a vacuum seal bag. Vacuum sealed frozen fish should be eaten within three or four months. Another way to protect fish from freezer burn is to freeze it in a block of water. Quick freeze individual portions, place each in a zip lock freezer bag, fill with water and freeze. Finally, if you’re going to be eating the fish within two weeks you can double wrap quick frozen fish tightly in plastic wrap (squeeze out as much air as possible) and then put in a freezer bag.

Traveling Home With Fish
One way to keep your fish frozen until you arrive at your destination is to quick freeze the fish as explained above. Seal them in plastic wrap or a zip lock bag and wrap them in freezer paper. Use crushed ice in a cooler and drain any melted ice often.

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