How To Keep Your Minnows Alive

One of the best fishing baits to use is live minnows, as fish are drawn to the movement of live bait. However, they can be a little more difficult to use, as minnows need to be kept alive long enough to be used as bait and this requires some know-how. Before you get to the lake on your next fishing trip, stock up on the equipment and supplies you will need to keep minnows alive long enough to string them on your fishing hook.

  1. Purchase minnows as close to the time you’re going fishing as possible
  2. Get either a foam camping cooler or a specialty bait cooler to store your minnows.
  3. Fill your minnow bucket with fresh water from the lake or distilled water
  4. Pour some of the lake water into the bag the minnows came in when you bought them. This will help the minnows acclimate to the fishing water conditions.
  5. Float the closed bag of minnows in the bait bucket containing the lake water for 15 minutes
  6. Be sure not to overcrowd you minnow bucket, too many minnows will deplete the oxygen level quickly.
  7. Store the container in a cool dark place.
  8. Adding an aerator to the minnow bucket can expand the life of your bait minnows.
  9. If you do not have an aerator you can try pouring a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the. You only want to add one ounce of three percent hydrogen peroxide solution for every three gallons of water. The hydrogen peroxide assists in the formation of oxygen in the water, replacing oxygen that is used up by the fish.
  10. Changing the water frequently will also help keep your minnows lively.

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