Loon Lovers

Loon’s are most vocal early in the morning and later in the evening as the sun starts to set. There is nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of the loon. Here is a wonderful site that includes common loon facts, loon habitat and tips for loon watching.

Common Loon Facts & Trivia

  • In winter, the loon has grey eyes. In the summer their eye’s turn red
  • Another name of Common Loon is Great Northern Loon
  • Loons find their prey by sight and prefer clear lakes where they can spot their prey through the water.
  • It is believed that the red eye of the loon might help them see underwater, making it easier to find their prey.

Read the entire article here: https://americanexpedition.us/learn-about-wildlife/common-loon-facts-information-and-photos/

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