No Regrets Vacation

Many people come home from their vacations with some feeling of regret. A list of I wish I had....Here is a list of the most common vacation regrets and how to avoid them.

Stay in the moment - It is easy to get caught up with planning and time management. When you’re not in the moment it makes recalling vacation memories more difficult. Make sure to take in the sounds and smells to really enjoy the here and now.

Try not to over pack - Lake vacations allow for casual dress and swim suits. You can usually purchase more food and wash cloths when you need to. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Leave time for you - Don't plan every second of your vacation. Over planning is exhausting and may take away from your fun. Remember to leave time to unwind and just be.

Plan to bring back a few souvenirs - Souvenirs can help you remember the vacation destination fondly and help to tell your story.

Make sure your vacation is long enough - A common regret is not enough time to enjoy the resort to the fullest.

Leave time for spontaneity - Plan to stop a few times as your travel to and from your vacation destination. Some of the best vacation moments are the unplanned ones.

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