Now Is The Best Time To Plan Your 2019 Vacation

It's a busy time of year and planning a vacation for next year is probably not on your to-do list—but it should be.  Today we're talking about why you should plan your 2019 vacation now and how it benefits you to do so. It's time to get in a vacation state of mind.

First dibs on your favorite resort
If you've found a resort that you love, then book it (or rebook it) as soon as possible. Planning ahead as far in advance as possible ensures that you get the vacation cabin
you want. As time goes on, your choices dwindle. Book early for the best selection! Some resorts offer a Repeat Discount?

Give yourself something to look forward to
Start counting down the days until your toes are in the sand and there's a drink in your hand. Planning now for next year's vacation gives you an incentive to push through the harder days (we all have them) and look forward to your hard-earned vacation time. When you have a rough day, just close your eyes and envision yourself at a classic Minnesota resort.

Save money and budget for a vacation
Time to save up and budget your vacation spending. The earlier you plan for your vacation, the more time you have to save for it. Set up your vacation budget now and give yourself time to slowly set aside money for your time away. That way, your upcoming vacation spending won't sneak up on you or cause you added stress or strain on your finances. Every time you put money toward your vacation is another step closer to its reality. Plan and save now. Your next vacation is closer than you think. Invest in some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Vacations matter and they're good for you

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