Plan A Mystery Girlfriends Getaway

Do you miss your friends? The ones you never see? The ones you met in college, or camp, or nursery school, and still cherish beyond measure even though adult life precludes you from getting together pretty much ever? It may be time for a Mystery Trip.

In a nutshell, a Mystery Trip is when a group of friends decides on a date and a budget and one member of the group takes charge of all the planning (from flights to lodging to meals), only revealing the destination to the rest of the friends right before they leave. You rotate who plans it every year.

  1. Plan waaaaay in advance: I’m talking a year out or more. Get the trip on the calendar and carve it in stone so it trumps the million other obligations that will definitely crop up. For the trip to succeed, it has to be sacred: The only times my friends and I have missed it are for late-stage pregnancies or just-born babies.
  2. Don’t invite others. Just being honest here. Opening it up to people beyond the Founding Friends changes the group dynamic, complicates scheduling, and encourages more requests from outsiders in the future (which you’ll either have to agree to or turn down—and feel guilty). The exception to the rule: This year Jen’s group allowed members to “bring a sister, which only resulted in one sister but she might as well have been all of ours since we’ve known her since birth,” says Jen.
  3. Five days is ideal: Any longer and it makes it hard for friends to commit; any shorter and it’s too short! (Plus it limits how far you can go.) My friends usually do a Wednesday-Sunday sort of thing. Some join on Thursday, depending on the madness level at home.

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Article by: Sarah Collins

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