Should You Take Your Pet On Vacation?

When it's time to take a family vacation, you need to decide what to do with your pets. There are several choices. You can board them, have someone come to your house to take care of their needs, or take them with you. All of these choices have pros and cons, so before you make your decision, weigh out carefully what is best for your family and your family pet. Even though they're part of your family, only you know whether or not they'll enjoy traveling.

Pros of Taking Your Pets on Vacation

Your pets are part of your family, so you hate leaving them out of the fun. Here are some of the advantages of taking your family dog or your lovable cat on vacation:

  • You know she's getting the best care.
  • She's familiar with your family and won't go through the stress of having to deal with a stranger taking care of her.
  • She'll be able to enjoy the extra attention from a more relaxed family since schedules are looser, and the stress of work and school isn't on everyone's mind.

Cons of Vacationing with Your Pet

Accommodations may be more difficult to obtain since some hotels, motels, and family resorts don't allow them.There are also some negatives of taking your pets on vacation with you. Here are a few you need to consider before making your decision:

  • Your pet might get car sick when traveling for long periods of time.

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