Walleye Fishing Tips

Photo Courtesy of Pine Terrace Resort

Opening weekend is almost here. In a state where walleye is king, many Minnesota anglers think of it as the walleye opener. But in fact, May 12 is the season opener for many species on most Minnesota waters, including northern pike, bass and trout. Sunfish, crappies, perch, channel catfish and a few less popular species are always open. Over 500,000 Minnesotans will hit their favorite lakes (most locals considered it a holiday) . Here are a few tips, to help you with your 2018 Fishing Opener story.

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Walleye Fishing Tips:

  1. Fish where walleye swim (check dnr lake survey info)
  2. Know where walleye hang out, by season (usually cooler water means they will be shallow)
  3. Bait – Shinners for sure, buy leaches for back-up
  4. Know which jigs to fish and how
  5. Try other live bait rigs
  6. Don’t forget crankbaits
  7. If your buddy is catching fish, do what he is doing
  8. Dress for cold

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