Snowmobile Trail Conditions are Good!

This 2017 file photo shows the Ideal SnoPros snowmobile club marking trails on the lakes.

That's right, the Whitefish Chain has snow and trail conditions are still looking good. The Whitefish Chain area of Minnesota is fortunate to have several local clubs who groom area trails thanks to volunteers and state aid money.

According to the Brainerd Lakes Area Snowmobile Trails (BLAST) trail reports, the trails still have snow but are starting to get a little icy and show some melt in some areas. They also note that the north end of the county (where the Whitefish Chain is located) is better than the south end. So if you're visiting and planning on riding, you may want to travel north on the trails.

The Ideal SnoPros are responsible for the trails around the Whitefish chain, and they also mark the trails across the lake and make sure there are safe routes for snowmobiles.

"We still have a lot of great snow on the ground," said Matt Werneke with the Ideal Sno Pros on their Facebook page. He makes a regular "man on the trail" video to talk about conditions, and his most recent report is from Feb. 25. "If you're thinking of riding I'd go ahead and come on up and get her done." He noted that the snow is better in the woods than alongside the roads.

The Emily-Outing Snow Birds, who maintain trails north and east of the Whitefish Chain, referenced a great webcam run by MNDOT that provides an up-to-date visual of roadside trails. Find it here. Note that you can't see much at night as the camera doesn't have night vision. The camera shows Highway 6 through Emily.

Though the temps are starting to get warmer, and more snow is always a welcome thing for snowmobilers, the snowmobile trail conditions around the Whitefish Chain Area are still very much rideable. Come on out and see nature's beauty!


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